The beginning of an obsession

It’s often said that cyclists have two women in their lives – their partner, and their bike. My wife has had to put up with my cycling for many years, in fact she’s now become a fan, watching races on TV with me and even reading my magazines when I leave them around. But she’s never been interested in the actual bikes themselves. Which is a good job because she’d divorce me if she knew the real cost of my bikes.

My problem now is that I’m in lust – and she’s bloody expensive! I thought I was happy with my ‘best’ summer bike – she handles well and looks great, but she doesn’t look as good as the bike above. The object of my desire – a light blue Legend HT9.5. I can’t remember where I saw the photograph but it was the colour that first drew my eye – it’s my favourite colour and you never see it on a bike. As I poured over the photo I then realised the frame was a thing of beauty, no matter what colour it could have been painted in. I’d never heard of Legend – but internet research revealed some great pedigree. The guy who built the top end Viners (which I had heard of and which had great reviews) and the beautiful titanium Passoni’s had started his own brand.

I kept going back to the photo and realised that I wanted one. No scrub that. I NEED one. The HT9.5 looked expensive and my research revealed it was. Well out of my reach, but I’ve always been one of those people who rises to a challenge.

So this blog is a public way of me announcing my intentions. If my goal is out there, then it’s real, and means I have something to strive for. This first post is the first step towards me owning a Legend HT9.5. I don’t know how long the journey will take, it might take that long that the beautiful light blue colour will be deleted! But one day I will own that bike.


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