Best in Show for Legend recently attended the Padova BiciExpo 2102, one of Italy’s premier cycling exhibitions and came away with a glowing review of the Legend stand – in fact they named the Legend’s “The nicest bikes at this year’s Expo”. Considering all the other brands at the expo that’s high praise indeed. It’s not only me that thinks they look superb – even the experts agree!

Above is a beautiful metallic red HT7.5 (similar to the famous Colnago ‘Saronni’ red), the frame down from the HT9.5. The HT5.7 below has an even more distinctive paint job – a semi transparent lilac. This paint finish seems to make it look like the carbon is actually coloured. Very impressive. went on to further say “I saved the best for last: the nicest bikes at this year’s Expo were Legend by Bertoletti. Who’s Legend, you ask? Since 1989, Marco Bertoletti’s been quietly making bikes for Passoni, Viner and others from his officina near Bergamo. In 2009, he decide to start his own brand, calling it Legend. Their three frame builders and a few assistants offer custom bikes in titanium, steel, aluminum and carbon fiber (tube to tube). Their construction was immaculate with accordingly high end prices. If these things ride as nice as they look, then this is a brand that has its act together.”

“After spending a few minutes talking to Marco Bertoletti, I got the impression that he’s an honest, proud craftsman. There was no pretense or big statements from Marco, just a quiet sincerity, convinced that he’s making really nice things (expensive things, too). And in my opinion, this is the best of Made in Italy.”

I also managed to come across some photos of Legend’s actual stand at Padova. A simple but visually stunning stand (a bit like the bikes!) the images below show off some of the other Legend frames.

Thanks to for letting me use their images and text.


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