Zeno’s HT9.5

A recent Legend owner got in touch with me last week! Zeno not only owns a Legend HT9.5, he also runs Volata Tours, a cycling tour specialist in Tuscany. So you could say Zeno is a cycling professional, seeing as he rides his bike all day for a living. So when he got in touch about his new HT9.5 I had to take notice, because Zeno has already put his Legend through its paces in a few Italian Gran Fondo’s, which if you don’t know are some of the toughest one day events around.

Zeno sent me some nice photos of his gloss bare carbon HT9.5. With it’s metallic silver graphics and Super Record groupset, the end result is a smart, understated beauty that, naturally being custom built to his measurements, rides superbly.

Zeno has had some great bikes in the past, Time RXR, Time VXRS and a Viner Maxima, so he has some good experience to base his feedback on:

“I mounted the new Look pedals (16mm) which have a tight grip then I chose a specific route on the first ride, a 50km loop. We call it Giro via Maggio, it starts with a lumpy 10km then a 12km climb at 6.9% followed by a twisty 18km descent . As soon as I rolled my leg over the bike with the first pedal stoke the bike felt alive, agile and light. I did the first 5km slowly then when I was out of town I picked up the pace. It was all up to me, the bike will just go, as much power as I want . One word: unbelievable. Then again I thought all bikes ride well on the flat these days, then came the climb. Once again the Legend was way over expectation, I never felt so much ease climbing, out of the saddle you can still maintain a straight line without swerving too much, a testimony to its rigid nature, yet so so comfortable. There is stretch of 11% at the top of the climb that lasts for 2km. I always leave an extra gear for it, I just went through it 0n 39-23 (I usually use 36-25/27). I know that sounds common but the bike truly goes forward and you loose no power and you can feel it. I was looking forward to the descent.  I have a modern steel Inox bike, which is a dream machine for descents, I can honestly say my Legend was as steady on the descend. I felt so secure on corners, I dropped like a stone, the bike at no point felt twitchy, just incredible. The time passed so quick on the Legend and I was back to base grinning. I was over the moon. This is exactly how I wanted my bike to be.

Why do I like it, and why it is so different from other bikes? First it is a refined bike, it is pure, solid, stable, it commands speed, it feels together and it rides the same. Since then I have put the Legend through a number of testing rides, and signed up to Strava and honestly hammered some records up some ramps here in Tuscany.
I honestly think every bike rider should swing a leg over a Legend, but lets see if he dismounts!”

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