Legend in Rouleur

Well if I was lusting after a Legend, then I’m obsessed with owning one now after reading Issue 34 of the beautiful cycling mag, Rouleur.

The 22 pages of great photography and editorial really opens up what Legend are all about. The photos of the immaculate workshop and the hands on manufacturing has caused a bit of a problem though. I’m wondering whether to get one of the Legend titanium frames instead! The smooth hand finished welds are a thing of beauty. Although reading that the lad who hand lays the carbon lugs described as a ‘sarto’ (a tailor) makes you realise that these Legend guys are real artisans. I mean they even custom make their own carbon tubes, which means they have even more control over making each frame perfect for the rider. Now I know why their frames cost so much.

If anyone reading this blog is serious about buying a Legend then I’d recommend reading this issue of Rouleur –  not only does the article go into great detail about the Legend manufacturing techniques but it also emphasises how passionate Marco Bertoletti, the Legend owner, is about bikes, cycling and building the best bikes he can. He is Legend’s own R&D guru, rides his own creations and loves solving little problems and creating great solutions. For instance the article talks about Marco’s obsession with producing the worlds first fully internal Di2 cable routing, revealing a secret dropout to Rouleur’s editor Guy Andrews.

I’m sure this issue of Rouleur is going to be well read over the coming months in my house.


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