The holistic approach to buying a Legend

I found another video of the RAAM Roses team. Chronologically I’ve posted their videos in the wrong order. This one show’s them ordering and sorting out their custom Il Re’s (the previous video, show’s them picking their titanium beauties up!). After quite a bit of research, buying a Legend isn’t as straightforward as popping into a local dealer, hoping the frame size you pick is the right one, selecting a colour from a choice of three and then taking it home. The whole ethos of Legend and their dealers is a different ball game.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have a suit tailor made, if you have, you should have a bit of insight into the ordering and buying process at Legend. All their frames are built made-to-measure, so essentially you are starting with a blank canvas. But where do you start? Well once you’ve got an idea which model of Legend frame you want, you then approach one of the dealers. What you’ll notice about them all is that they offer bike fittings. A few have their own systems, a few others use the services of one of the world’s top bio-mechanical specialists – Giuseppe Giannecchini of Velo Solutions. He’s the guy in the RAAM Roses video, fitting the riders on the bike jig at Le Beau Velo. With over 11 years experience of fitting Italian Pro and Elite riders, you could say he knows what he’s doing.

So essentially, the first part of buying a Legend, is getting your optimum frame design. As you can see in the video, while the rider pedals, Giuseppe tweaks the setting on the bike jig dynamically, getting a feel for the bio-mechanics of the rider, to find the perfect position that has the correct blend of comfort and efficiency. From this jig setting, he then designs your frame and bike (you can see one of his design print outs below) allowing for the intended use of your Legend. This design/plan even includes the correct length of stem, seatpin etc acting as a blueprint to the lucky mechanic who will build the finished frame up. All you have then is the difficult but pleasant task of choosing your colour scheme, before the order is sent off.

The order and design blueprint arrives at the Legend factory, where the frame dimensions are input into their computerised jig, so the frame is built to the exact dimensions that Giuseppe envisaged. Five or six weeks later the frame is back, but before you get excited about riding off into the sunset, you have the final fitting (much like a handmade suit). So the bike is built up to Giuseppe’s design parameters, and you then ride the bike on a turbo, so that Giuseppe can give you and the bike a final once over, tweaking things here and there if needed.

And then hopefully, you’re ready to ride off into the sunset, no doubt with a big smile on your face!

There is a good write up here of someone’s visit to see Giuseppe – worth a read.


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