Never rest on your laurels

Il Re Bottle Cages

All the great innovators never rest. They’re forever exploring new ways of doing things, improving their existing products and integrating new technologies. Marco Bertoletti is one of these restless innovators. He’s just posted these preview images on the Legend Facebook page. They feature an Il Re, sporting the very latest Shimano Di 11spd drivetrain. But what’s of more importance are the stunning bottle cages, which I first saw on a recent HT10.5. These appear to be made from one piece of carbon, in the shape of the Legend Wing. I love them. They look like they’re going to start flapping and lift the Il Re to new heights.

Also of interest are some new ‘Legend wheels’ which appear to have a custom titanium hub barrel made by PMP. Hopefully I’ll have more details on these new products soon.

Legend PMP wheel

Il Re 1

Il Re rear triangle

Il Re front end


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