Dutch Legend


I should check my emails more regularly. I hadn’t looked for a couple of weeks, then for some reason, I checked the other day and quite a few Legend owners had been in contact. My blog must be getting out there.

The first owner was Erik Willems, who is in the enviable position of working at the Netherlands Legend dealer – Cycle Jean Habets. Understandably Erik has got himself a new bike – an HT10.5. This superbike now sits alongside a Viner Maxima, a superb frame in it’s own right, but as Erik says “I did not know what to expect, but the Legend is even better than the Maxima”. It must be bloody good then, seeing as Pro Cycling’s Marcel Wust picked out the Maxima as the best bike he’d ridden.

Erik’s 10.5 has a lighter fork than the Maxima (a Columbus at 290g) and was also specced for a rider weight of 75g, but with extra carbon reinforcing in key frame areas. This is the beauty of the top end carbon Legend’s. Marco can customise the carbon tubes (as he makes them in house) and also lay-up the joints differently, so that the frame rides how you want it. So a 60kg mountain goat’s frame is going to ride (and weigh) differently to a 85kg rouleur’s frame.

Also nice to see top end Italian components on this frame. And also nice to see the bare carbon matt with celeste blue graphics – although it’s making my job of speccing my HT9.5’s finish even harder.


3 thoughts on “Dutch Legend

  1. That shop is on my generic training ride, and it was there where I first saw a Legend frame. Jean, a former pro-rider and team mate of Sean Kelly, runs a very friendly shop, and they lent my son a road bike with the same friendliness and competence as they discuss high-end Italian super frames. When the time has come for me to get a Legend, I’ll have a great place to go in my own neighbourhood.

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