Dutch Legend’s Part 2


I used to have a friend at University called Alan Oldham. Nothing unusual about that, but what I found cool was the fact that he was from Oldham and he was an Oldham Athletic fanatic. Ever since meeting him I’ve been fascinated by people who’s surname matches where they live or were born. In the UK we have loads of people who’s surnames are their forbears trade or craft – Cooper, Thatcher etc and in the Netherlands they have a great tradition of surnames. The famous ‘van der’ just means ‘of the’ so that Adri van der Poel for instance means Adri of the Pool, or Willy van de Kerkhof – ‘Willy of the Cemetery’.

The other week another Dutch Legend owner got in touch – Peter Hollands. Now I’m a typical cycling fanatic, so therefore I know far more about the Low Countries than the layperson on the street. Being able to name obscure steep cobbled hills in the middle of Belgium is a trait only the local farmers and cycling fans can do. So I don’t know if Peter is from the Netherlands province of Holland – all I do know is that he has a Dutch flag on his HT9.5 and he’s called Hollands. Now that’s pretty cool.


Peter kindly sent me some photos of his HT9.5. A stunning black and white colour scheme (designed by Peter himself) the frame features a fork upgrade to a Deda R1 and is kitted out with top of the range SRAM Red. So this beauty is going to be a featherweight. The wheels are Shimano C24’s donated from his Rabobank Team C40 Colnago (this bike used to belong to Bauke Mollema!). Bottom bracket is BB30, which Peter chose for aesthetic reasons because he wanted a specific BB30 crankset.


What I’m particularly interested in is the internal cabling. As I’m going to be speccing this feature on my HT9.5 it’s good to see Marco’s handiwork in this department. Peter has gone for the mechanical version and the internal photo of the bottom bracket shell shows Marco’s solution to feeding the cables through the frame. There is also a good image showing the smooth entry of the gear cables into the down tube.


Legend seem to be picking up a good following in the Netherlands, probably due to Cycles Jean Habet, the Dutch Legend dealer, run by ex-Skil pro Jean Habet. A team mate of that Irish legend, Sean Kelly, Jean was pretty handy himself, winning GP Fourmies in 1985, beating Leo van Vliet and Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle.

I’m sure there will be more Dutch Legend owners sending me photos of their pride and joy in the future. I only hope they have great surnames!







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