When only the best will do


As you’ll have gathered, getting to the Legend factory and ordering my HT9.5 has been a long, drawn out, and frustrating time – due to a re-occurring sinus infection. But during the time I was ill, I started to think about not only the frame, but also the whole bike build. My original plan was to just transfer the equipment from my current ‘best’ bike, but, as with most cyclists, I started to come up with excuses and justifications to start purchasing newer equipment.

For a start, even though the Chorus 11spd carbon groupset I currently have works great and is still in good condition, I couldn’t help thinking that 5 year old Chorus isn’t befitting for a brand new custom Legend HT9.5. I’d also been advised by Giuseppe at my fitting session, that I’d be more suited to some shallower dropped handlebars. I definitely needed a new stem – my frame drawing stating a 120mm length.

One thing I was sure of before I went for the fitting was that I wanted some new wheels. My current handbuilt alloy ones were getting worn. Although I’ve had good factory built wheels in the past, that performed very well, I think it’s befitting for a handbuilt frame to have handbuilt wheels. So a pair of carbon 38mmm profile clinchers were ordered through a friend of a friend. He would build these hoops onto some Novatec lite hubs. My dream Chris King hub’s were out of my budget, especially as I had my sights set on a new Campag Super Record drivetrain. Planet X titanium skewers were also purchased to complete the wheel spec. I’ve used these before and are a great value upgrade.

Choosing new tyres was easy. I have Veloflex tubulars on my race wheels, and they are superb. But to be honest, Veloflex tyres should be the choice of every Legend owner. Not only are they high performance, they’re also hand made in the same town as Marco’s creations – Presezzo. This nice link appeals to the romantic in me – but I’m pretty sure most Legend owners are romantics at heart.

Hopefully these gems I’ve posted up will be built up onto my 9.5 very soon…




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