At last, I’ve become a Legend owner!


So, after months of trials and tribulations, my wait was finally over. Last weekend I became the proud owner of an HT9.5. It took a while to unwrap and get it into the light, but the effort was worth it. It being a momentous day, my wife suggested filming the moment my frame came into the world. The resulting footage meant I also had the chance to finally have a play on iMovie.

So to the apt tune of ‘Happy Cycling’ by Boards of Canada, here is the edited down unveiling of my 9.5.

As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny day, which helped to capture the metallic finish to the dark blue tint. The frame is stunning in the flesh, each logo masked off and painted. No stuck on decals for Marco – this frame is a testament to Legend’s skilled paint guy. What is also good to know is that the frame arrived matching exactly the one I designed on Legend’s online configurator.

The photo’s below shows the know how and craftsmanship that’s gone into the frame – the internal cable routing, the down tube that flares out to join the beefed up bottom bracket, the oversize tapered head tube and the stunning finish. If it rides half as well as it looks I’ll be a very happy man.









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