New 2014 Legends

HT9,5 Disk

Just checked the Legend Factory site and the new Legend 2014 Collection is online. Some beautiful machinery on there, including some new models – a disk brake version of the HT9.5, there’s an HT7.5 Cyclo Cross bike, just in time for the mad cyclists who like to race around in mud during the cold UK winters, and a new steel frame the ‘Bergamo’ – which is aimed at the urban cyclist. Although it can be built anyway you want.



There also seems to be upgrades to a few models – the Fedaia now features internal cabling for electronic groupsets, the HT7.5 has a new rear triangle (which seems to have shaved some weight off the frame) and the entry level carbon HT4.7 now has new profile main tubes – again it’s weight seems to have dropped. In fact all the existing carbon frames seem to have been on diets, all showing grams being shaved here and there.

Fedaia Blue



The Prince titanium frame now features an even more special blue finish (although it can be built with a more traditional titanium look) and a big range of Legend accessories are now online to view. These have been designed to complement your Legend frame, and can be painted to match your frame’s colour scheme, to achieve your perfect bike.

Le Prince


You can feast your eyes at the new collection here  and also download the new brochure.


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