A chance to meet the Legend


Some days are gloomy affairs. You wake up with a bit of a cloud over your head that can’t be explained, things go wrong at work and you have one of those off days on the bike. Now I’ve learnt over the years that life is a series of ups and downs, and being a cyclist I know that the uphill struggles are always rewarded with sweeping adrenalin induced descents.
So a couple of days ago, during one of those uphill struggles I was suddenly presented with some quick respite. I received an email from Legend, inviting me to a Legend Weekend over in Bergamo during October. It was so nice to be personally invited and despite me not being able to make the dates, the email perked me up for the rest of the day.
The Legend Weekend is aimed at both current Legend owners and would be Legend owners. Legend already have an open door ‘transparency’ policy, allowing anyone who makes an appointment the chance to look around the factory and see how the various Legend frame’s are made. The Legend Weekend is an extension of that policy. The itinerary is spread over two days and includes an in depth factory tour with Marco followed by a ride in the afternoon with the Legend himself. You then put the calories back in at an evening meal with Marco and the Legend team. The following day sees the presentation and launch of the 2014 followed by lunch in a local restaurant. On top of all this you also receive a Legend Gift bag which by all accounts includes full kit of Legend clothing plus other goodies.
If anyone is interested the Legend Weekend is on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October. The cost for the full weekend is €180, this includes accommodation, meals and airport transfer but doesn’t include flights. Other packages are available. If you want to book email info@legendfactory.eu or export@legendfactory.eu

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