Paul’s HT9.5

Paul's 9.5

Some people spend a long time contemplating and then writing bike reviews, the professional media are very guilty of this. Mind you, if the brands sending in their bikes for testing are spending thousands on advertising in their magazines, then the journo is going to spend a long time trying to think of some great copy. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the bikes they review are worthy of the words they write, but I suspect a lot of them just ride the same. Can’t be helped when they come from the same factory (and mold even) and are decked out with one of the three groupset brands.

Anyway, I’m becoming guilty of the very thing I’ve just been talking about. So I’ll just hand over to Paul Dunne. He sent me a photo of his new carbon HT9.5 along with this ride review:

“It’s a 9.5 and rides beautifully”.

Can’t argue with that. Coming from a design background, where the adage “less is more” is almost mantra like – Paul’s review is beauty in itself.


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