Hand Made for Rob


Anyone who speaks Flemish (or the Dutch variant) is cool in my eyes. Especially if they’re a cyclist. Being able to ride at 45 degrees into a vicious cross wind, whilst freezing rain batters the life out of them, bouncing on cobbled roads all the while heading towards a 1 in 4 steep ‘berg’ makes them all heroes in my opinion. No matter what speed they do it at. Having ridden the Ronde van Vlaanderen Sportive I can appreciate the toughness needed to ride in the low lands – both physically and mentally. And the day I rode it, it was damp but still. No horizontal rain for me to contend with!

I can also appreciate how good a bike needs to be to endure these sorts of roads and weathers, and extol their rider with confidence in it’s abilities. Which is probably why a lot of Flemish speakers seem to be buying Legend’s. Ron Versteeg is one such owner.

foto (3)

“It started three years ago. I was looking for a new road bike.

I had a Colnago , but was looking for a custom built bike. One thing was certain it had to be Italian. I had read a lot about all sorts of small factories on the Internet and came across Legend.

The most important for me are two things – passion and craftsmanship .

On the way back from a vacation in Italy, I stopped by Legend in Bergamo and met Marco Bertoletti. He gave me a tour of his company, on a Saturday morning  and we chatted with the help of his laptop and Google translate!

After my visit I knew enough.

A few months later I was visiting Jean Habets the Dutch supplier of Legend. Jean is a great guy with passion for Italian bikes. We discussed what type it should be. I wanted a mix of comfort and speed.

foto (2)

The result is this HT 7.5 frame and fork which arrived in Jean’s shop in the south of Holland. Where the bike was built up and finished.

I am very pleased with the great co-operation between Marco and Jean and his team. The bike is great with good performance. I did 1000km on it this summer during my vacation in Tuscany. As well as it’s ride qualities  I received many positive comments about it’s looks.

Coupled with my  Mavic R – SYS SLR wheels it’s a joy to climb.”

foto (4)

Rob’s HT7.5 looks superb in the deep metallic red finish, and has a nice touch on the inside of the chainstays. It’s been finished off with a Campag Chorus groupset, Deda Zero 100 finishing kit and Prologo saddle.

foto (1)


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