It’s easy to forget

9.5 Spring

My Legend came out of hibernation on Sunday. Other club members had got their ‘best’ bikes out on the official first day of Spring in the UK – 1st March. I held off until the weather looked like it was turning. So on a beautiful Spring day, I took her out of her protective plastic cover, and brought her down out of the attic into the light.

The passage of time is a curious thing. You remember things but also forget.

I’d forgotten how light my HT9.5 is.

I’d forgotten how beautiful she is.

And then I went for a hard ride. And the feelings and memories came flooding back.

I’d forgotten how quick she is.

I’d forgotten how comfortable and stable she is.

I’d forgotten how she corners like she’s on rails.

I’d forgotten I didn’t have to change down the block as much.

I’d forgotten I could roll along at tempo 20mph+ – easily!

I’m ashamed I’d forgotten what a superb bike she is. These next few months are going to be great.


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