These days don’t come round very often

photo (4)

You know the days I’m talking about. The kind of days where you feel at one with your bike, the miles speed by under your wheels and the pain in your legs isn’t one of suffering.

I had a day like this today. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I couldn’t feel the pedals, but the miles sped by with ease and despite there being a wind around, I didn’t notice it. Which for a racing cyclist is bloody typical – if only I’d felt like this on Friday when in my time trial the wind screamed in my ears and my legs were screaming in agony.

I ventured onto some roads I hadn’t been on for a while, mainly because if I hadn’t have lengthened the ride, I would have met myself coming home. So I rode up onto some roads that are being used for this years 1st Stage of the Tour de France, my Legend sharing the same tarmac as the pro ‘Legends’ come July.

Since Yorkshire and my home city of Leeds were announced as the Grand Depart, I’ve had to pinch myself that the Tour is actually coming to within a few miles of my house. I usually have to travel a long way to see the ‘Giants of the Road’ – on July 5th I will just have to drop down the Chevin.

photo (2)

Tour fever is certainly out there, and it’s gaining momentum. Less than 100 days to go, all manner of businesses are vying for people’s cash, from Farmers renting fields out for camping, to local village shops touting their own version of Tour merchandise. There’s a buzz in the air, and not just from passionate cyclists – even people who normally bang their car horns at ‘nuisance bikies’ are getting excited and planning where they’re going to watch the stage.

Hopefully the wider, general public will gain a greater appreciation of cycle sport, hopefully the Manx Missile will win on Parliament Street and hopefully I will get more days like these.

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