A very sad day: I’m selling my frame REDUCED PRICE


I’ve had some sleepless nights this last week or two. Myself and my wife are currently undergoing building adaptations to our house. Her MS is slowly getting worse, and we realised a year ago that our house, that we both love, needed adapting so she could continue living in it and being independent.

As most people who’ve undertaken a building project will know – whatever your budget was at the start is never the final bill. The project has been going on for months (hence why I haven’t posted much on this site) and our house is old, meaning we’ve come across some unexpected problems. These problems have blown our budget and it’s now getting very stretched. The result is we’re both stressed and trying to get some more money together to finish.

Which is why I’ve decided to sell my Legend HT9.5 frame. I’ve really tried to put this off, but as gorgeous as the frame is, it’s not as important as my wife’s future.

So for sale is my frame and fork. The beautiful carbon Wing bottle cages (worth £180), custom Deda Superzero post and headset is included. I can post anywhere in the world (at extra cost). Frame is in very good condition and has been well looked after. My original frame design with geometry is below. If you want more images, or have questions etc please email me.

I’m looking for £1500 ono

Please note, the frame does have my name on the top tube, I photoshopped it out of the images on this site for security reasons. This could be covered up with your own Name sticker like this http://www.namesonframes.co.uk/



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